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Our areas of expertise

Family law and the law of persons

Marriage, cohabitation, separation, divorce, exercise of parental authority, accommodation, maintenance obligations, paternity testing, administration of property and/or vulnerable persons, guardianship

Inheritance and gift law

Inheritance planning, inheritance agreements, wills, donations of movable and immovable property, donations of family businesses, donations between spouses or shared donations between children, conflicts between heirs, assistance upon the occurrence of a death

Contracts and torts law

Negotiation, offer, preference pact, gentleman agreement, letters of intent, general terms and conditions, defects of consent, error, fraud, violence, state of necessity, injury, lapse, culpa in contrahendo, exceptio non adimpleti contractus, resolution, contractual liability

Real estate law

Sale – purchase, usufruct, bare ownership, surface area, emphyteusis, life annuity, easements, co-ownership, syndic, single-family – collective – mixed housing, lease law, neighbourhood disturbances, joint ownership, demarcation, tontine, mortgage, parking contract, etc.

Construction law

Architecture contract, building contract , implementation of the liability of architects – contractors – subcontractors – project owner, ten-year liability, lack of conformity, hidden defects, faults, assistance during contradictory and/or legal expert surveys

Social and labour law

Employment contracts, employment regulations, workplace accidents, occupational diseases, disability and special leave, working hours, notice and dismissal, collective agreements, outsourcing, social restructuring, social security coverage, social criminal law, disputes with the social secretariat, etc.

Company, association and foundation law

By-laws, shareholders’ agreement, transfer of shares, management agreement, operation of corporate bodies, corporate housekeeping, conflicts between partners or directors, directors’ liability, voluntary work and volunteers

Commercial law

Commercial lease, purchase – sale of a business, concession – agency – distribution – franchise contracts, general terms and conditions, debt collection, brokerage, commissions, unfair competition, injunctions, etc.

Law regarding companies in difficulty

Judicial reorganisation proceedings, negotiation of an amicable or collective recovery plan, transfer under judicial authority, crisis trustee, provisional administration, liquidation, admission of bankruptcy, bankruptcy summons, insolvency organisation, fraudulent evasion

Insurance and liability law

Personal or professional liability, civil party, damage claims, risk and product liability, road accident victim, medical errors, fire and water damage, recourse action

Tax law

Personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT, registration fees, real estate tax, withholding tax on professional income, administrative and judicial appeals, determination of undoubtebly due, claims, tax relief, tax conciliation, tax structuring and optimisation, valuation of copyright and related rights

Traffic law and criminal law

Speeding, alcohol intoxication, lack of insurance, driving without a licence, driving under the influence of drugs, outdated roadworthiness tests, failure to register, accidents with or without injuries, hit-and-run, abuse of priority, bringing of a civil action before the competent courts, police hearings (Salduz)

After more than twenty years of working in big law firms alongside Professor VAN OMMESLAGHE, with whom I trained with all the rigour and professionalism that he required of his team, I founded my own law firm in 1998, which I have, in keeping with the classical tradition that drives me, called « Verschueren & associés ».

Established from the outset on Avenue Louise, I have surrounded myself with high-level French- and Dutch-speaking associates whom I have chosen specifically for their experience and know-how in their legal focus areas, thus making « Verschueren & associés » a firm specialising in advising, reconciling and defending individuals, companies and institutions in all branches of law.